Reasons Why Dogs Love to Lick

Dog owners know that their pets have the inclination to lick. Dogs are often seen licking themselves. These four-legged and furry friends lick other animals as well. These four-legged friends are great lickers as every time they get a chance; they would lick the face, the hand and any body part of their human friends. Even if they love dogs, some people would detest the feel of the dog’s raspy tongue especially the slobber that gets on their faces. Dogs have the disgusting habit of eating feces, their own or other animal’s that is why the habit of licking people is a common concern of pet parents. The dog’s tendency to lick can be a concern of dog owners and to be able to put a stop to this habit; it is necessary to know why dogs have the inclination to lick.

Licking is a natural behavior of dogs as they have learned this behavior from the mother dog from the time they were born. Instinctively, a mother dog would lick the newly born puppies to clean and to promote circulation. Licking is done every time the puppy defecates or urinates. Puppies have learned to lick, and whenever they want to be fed, they would lick the dam’s mouth to encourage her to regurgitate food.

Licking is done for cleaning purposes. Dogs are not as fastidious as cats that are seen licking themselves for hours, but man’s best friends also use their tongue as a washcloth to clean themselves. Dogs are also noticed to lick their wounds. This gives rise to the notion that the saliva of dogs can heal wounds and other injuries.

The dog’s licking behavior can be a way to communicate and to show their affection. Dogs are known to have high levels of intelligence. Dogs would reward the owners for the care by giving sloppy kisses. Puppies would lick the dam to show affection. Thus when the dog licks the human family it is showing affection as well

Dogs lick to communicate. Dogs would always demand attention because these animals are social by nature. Neglected dogs often develop unwanted and destructive habits. Some would bark excessively, some would be destructive chewers, and some would be compulsive lickers so that the body part constantly licked would develop lesions

Dogs are pack animals. You may have made your dog understand that you are the alpha male – the leader of the pack. The dog will lick you as a sign of obedience. Licking is one of the means by which a dog can have the approval or the attention of the master. This need for attention is usually seen in households with more than one pet. Licking can be a dog’s tactic wanting to get the favors of their master.

The dog’s tendency to lick can be annoying to some pet owners because these pets have the propensity to eat feces and things abhorrent to humans. Dogs also have an unaccountable fondness for the water in toilet bowls. Train the dog to

Owners should not be too concerned if licked by the dog as they can always wash. Excessive licking has to be resolved if the dog’s health is already affected. If your dog has a similar concern, think of the last time you played with the pet. Excessive licking can be the dog’s way of telling the owner that it needs attention.